Hardwood Floors ....
Selected by the University of California to refinish the hardwood floor under the 36Óreflector telescope @ Lick Observatory on Mt. Hamilton.
hardwood floor significantly enhances a home's appearance, utility, and value. They provide a warm, elegant, and attractive look to a room, and are durable, long lasting, eco-friendly, allergy-free, easily maintained, and can be refinished to create an entirely new look. Hardwood floors make a home more enjoyable, and can add more to the value of your home than their cost. To learn more about the benefits of hardwood floors, visit the National Wood Flooring Association web site.

For additional information about hardwood floors, we invite you to connect to, and download for your reference files, these pdfs:
  • Hardwood floor care ... a handy summary for the best ways to maintain the beauty of your hardwood floor.
  • Hardwood floor installation and refinishing ... a description of the steps we take in a typical project ... installation, sanding, staining, finishing, and curing.
  • Wood species ... a National Wood Flooring Association booklet that provides detailed information about wood floors and the full range of available species.